The phytochemistry is the science responsible for the study of the chemical components of plants. It is a branch of chemistry that studies the secondary metabolites extracted from plants. Each group studied plant since its molecular chemical structure, to the biological properties. Make surveys and analysis of the chemical components of plants, as the active ingredients, the smells and the pigments. Is a discipline aims the isolation, purification, analysis, structure elucidation and characterization of the biological activity of several substances produced by plants.
The phytochemical substances are found in many foods consumed by humans such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, seeds and serve as protection against various diseases such as cancer and heart problems.


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  1. I am surprised to recognize that Chenopodium quinoa makes the same chemical compounds like those made by human male reproductive system to impart the same flavor, aroma, smell, or odor that man can easily recognize without conducting a chemical analysis.



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